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Too Little, Too Late
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By Butch Dean
Jan. 29, 2013 7:45 a.m.

“Wish you could have known,

The person I could be.

Instead of the dark rebel,

That paid no mind to thee.”

The four lines above are thoughts about those four years I wasted in high school. Choosing to be a “rebel without a cause” because of the influences of the fifties, I rejected the knowledge available to me and friendships that I could have had, but never made. What once I thought was “cool” turned out to be one of the worse decisions I have ever made and the damage and the reviews have lasted a lifetime.

The stage of life is without dress rehearsal, you are “live and in person” with lines spoken and actions made, and the reviews continue for a lifetime. For all of us, there is a place in time where we could have done better. Maybe it was just a moment or maybe it extended for many years: moments in time that have been lived and cannot be lived again as in a play. Maybe for some, it’s not too late.
The reviews do continue for a lifetime and never seem to get any better. All that you can do is to accept those moments as they were for they cannot be changed; only forgiven. This, in itself, takes a lifetime to accomplish.
Written to my former classmates and to those who will listen.

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