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Guest Blogger: The Experiment
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By Andrew Kuhn
Jan. 26, 2013 11:05 a.m.

I did a little experiment a while ago. I brewed an all grain beer that would only fill up a growler.Here’;s the basic process that I did. Boil with one pound of malted barley for an hour. Throw in cascade hops at the last 10, and 5 minutes. Cool it down. Pitch the yeast, and then let it do its thing in the primary fermenter for two weeks. Then I move it to the growler, and let it carbonate for awhile.
The first pour from the growler was good. Had a yellowish color similar to a wheat beer. Sweet in flavor with some citrus notes to it. Nice beer for a summer’s day. Second pour was a sludge fest of spent yeast. Didn’t drink that, and then dumped the rest into the compost out back.
Was this a failure? No, because I didn’t know what to expect, so the fact I got one decent pour was fine. But considering a growler of beer runs about 6 to 10 dollars I’m not sure the money, and time I put into it was worth it in the end for just one glass of beer. Still, it was fun to try this little experiment out to see what would happen.

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