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Return of the Snake – Spring 2013
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By Matt Gholson
Jan. 11, 2013 5:20 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what happens to snakes in the winter?  They buy scooters and ride to Florida, but sometimes they slither down into their holes and ride trainers until the walls of their home are soaked in sweat.  The Snake is riding his bike, tirelessly training for one goal; a Spring Century.  After discussing it for a bit I’ve convinced him my super flat 100 mile course would be a good route for him to give it a go, so we’ve green lighted “Return of the Snake, 2013.”
You are formally invited to ride the 101 mile route with us  on either March 2nd, the 9th or 16th.  Exact date will depend on weather and a variety of conditions.  The qualifications for the ride are simple, you need a bike, we’ll be leaving from Harrisburg in the morning hours, and you’ll need to be physically capable of riding 100 miles in around 8 hours.  Helmets are strongly recommended but we won’t be wearing them.
The course will range from totally flat, to rolling hills but will not contain a single hard climb.  We will be traveling to Shawneetown, Herald, Carmi, McClanesboro, Broughton, and Eldorado, the entire route will be smooth paved roads with mostly very low traffic.
All participants will receive commemorative hand printed bandannas with the “Return of the Snake” logo, finishers can have their bandanna signed by Snake himself, unless he doesn’t finish, then you can sign his.
All finishers will be inducted into the 101 club where their name will live on forever with the likes of Matt Gholson and Bicycle Jimmy.
For more information stay tuned.

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