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  • Marion attorney’s book advises on DUI law

  • "DUI Law for Drivers, Illinois Edition" is a controversial book because it is written to defend the rights of a small unpopular minority in society.
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  • "DUI Law for Drivers, Illinois Edition" is a controversial book because it is written to defend the rights of a small unpopular minority in society.
    Author Larry E. Lauterjung, J.D. of Marion states in the preface, "To the critics who are appalled by anyone saying something good about people who drive after drinking, I ask them to consider which groups of criminals are not deserving of understanding their rights.
    "In the past we have said that women, blacks, Japanese, non-property owners, black-listed writers, draft dodgers, homosexuals and the elderly did not deserve full protection of our laws - and we were wrong."
    He states, "Don't think that as a defense attorney I am trying to help you drive drunk. If you can't control your car and nearly hit my wife and me in our car - I'll turn you in to the cops."
    He says further, "The secret to avoiding DUI arrests is simple - don't drink and drive."
    But people do drink and drive, trying to stay under the legal blood alcohol content of .08 per cent.
    It is to this minority of our population that his book is written.
    It is a collection of facts and statistics that should convince any reasonable person to forego that one or two extra drinks and drive unimpaired.
    But we all know that reality is different.
    People try to stay under the .08 limit and still have a few drinks.
    Considering the penalties for DUI it is a fools game. But many of us, if we are honest, have played it.
    If you are stopped for suspicion of DUI this book can be valuable. But it would have been even more valuable had you read it before you were stopped. You may not have had those drinks had you read about the effects of alcohol, the statistics about traffic deaths, the jail time and license revocation penalties.
    A valuable fact to know ahead of time: impaired drivers cannot multi-task very well.
    If you have had a drink or two and are driving home it would be wise to forego lighting a cigarette while driving. Definitely ignore your radio or sound system and do not try to change discs or adjust. Also, forget about throwing paper out the window.
    You could be stopped for littering.
    Lauterjung said, "I was a public defender for 10 years and did principally DUI. I realized that many people came through the system for reasons other than an inability to control their vehicle. Tuning the radio and swerving a little while doing it can get you stopped. Lighting a cigarette or tossing paper out the window, a turn signal that does not work - all these give an officer a reasonable suspicion to stop you for DUI. As soon as he smells alcohol on your breath he can ask you to take a breathalyzer test."
    Page 2 of 2 - "One way to prevent these kinds of stops," said Lauterjung, "always do a walk around check of your vehicle if you plan to drive after drinking. Make sure that all the lights and turn signals are in working order."
    "The wine industry is changing things in our area," he said. "We have people visiting the wineries and driving home after drinking."
    His book contains charts and graphs explaining the effects of alcohol on the human body. It can give you a real respect for the effects of just one drink.
    The book was published in the summer of 2012 and will be available on the Barnes and Noble website in a few months. Until then it can be purchased by visiting his website www.DUILawForDrivers.com
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