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My Holiday Newsletter 2012
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Nationally syndicated columnist and author Tracy Beckerman is \x34Lost in Suburbia\x34 ≠ managing the chaos with a healthy dose of humor. Her next book, a \x34momoir,\x34 will be published in spring 2013. She contributes to many online mom sites, ...
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Nationally syndicated columnist and author Tracy Beckerman is Lost in Suburbia ≠ managing the chaos with a healthy dose of humor. Her next book, a momoir, will be published in spring 2013. She contributes to many online mom sites, including www.todaysmama.com, www.rolemommy.com and www.newjerseymomsblog.com and is an official blogger for Lifetime Television's hit show, The Balancing Act. She also does stand-up comedy and has appeared at venues including The Comic Strip Live in NYC and The Erma Bombeck Workshop in Dayton, Ohio. Before she became a columnist, Beckerman was a writer and producer in the television industry for 10 years, managing the advertising & promotion department at WCBS-TV New York. Tracy is married to a very understanding guy. They have two children and live in New Jersey where she writes, does battle with woodchucks and avoids, at all costs, driving a minivan.
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By lostinsuburbiablog
Dec. 10, 2012 11:15 a.m.

seasons-greetings-text-20111 copy
Greetings Friends and Family!
I canít believe a whole year has gone by since our last holiday newsletter! What a wonderful year it was! I donít know about you but we certainly packed a lot in!
The kids are doing great. Itís pretty much the same old same old: Listening to their Ipods, texting their friends, helping the president solve the debt crisis and avert the Fiscal Cliff!
This year our daughter discovered she had a hidden talent for fashion! On a whim, she sent a few of her designs to the first lady who picked TWO of the dresses for Sasha and Malia to wear at the presidential inauguration. We couldnít be more proud! Of course, we all know that there are more important things in this economy than fashion. Thatís why our daughter will be traveling down to DC in a prototype car using a renewable energy resource that she discovered on a Buddhist trek for teens in Tibet this past summer. So exciting!
Our son has not been quite as busy as his sister. You know how he decided to take up scuba diving last year? Well he got so good at it, that he was chosen to be one of only three teens to dive with a select group in search of Atlantis. And guess what? They found it! He will receive a special commendation from the Pope after he gets back from a summer vacation in Pamploma where is going running with the bulls (our son, that is, not the Pope!!)
My husband decided to take a break from triathalons and make this the year he was going to conquer the seven summits (the highest peaks on the seven continents)! He got through six of them when an avalanche partially uncovered a 2000 year-old city buried under Mount Aconcagua. His group decided to delay their climb up the seventh peak so they could excavate the city, alone, by hand, for five months, until archaeologists could reach the site. What a thrill that was for him!
And then thereís me. You know Iím just happy to be a plain old, stay-at-home mom and bask in the simple accomplishments of my family. Iíve been busy doing laundry, making dinners, etc. In my spare time, though, I did happen to invent a toilet paper dispenser that changes the roll for you whenever it is empty. I thought it was kind of a silly thing, but the people at Charmin bought the rights for 2.2 billion dollars, so I guess itís a worthwhile invention! Maybe I’ll use some of the money to bail out Hostess and save the Twinkies! LOL!!
Anyway, Iím sure you and your family have had just as incredible a year, even if you didnít discover any ancient civilizations or get published in the New England Journal of Medicine for discovering a cure for male pattern baldness like my daughter did in her science class.
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!
PS. Almost forgotÖ On our family vacation this winter, our new puppy Monty dug up a skeleton that scientists are calling the actual BIG FOOT! Sasquatch will be on display at the Smithsonian for a month in April. Donít miss it!
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