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Springsteen Link Roundup, Grammys Edition
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By Pete Chianca
Dec. 6, 2012 11:15 a.m.

Will Springsteen be surrounded by blue lights on this year’s Grammys? Only time will tell. (WZLX/CBS photo)

Well, Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball got the shaft in the Album of the Year category for this year’s Grammys, and we’re not happy about it. Granted, it’s hard to argue with any of the acts that did get nominated, and how could you not be happy for the boys in fun., with their lack of capitalization and unnecessary period? (You read about them here first, folks!) But it would have been nice to see Bruce among the anointed.
Still, he took home three nods — Wrecking Ball is up for Best Rock Album, and “We Take Care of Our Own” for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song, whatever the difference may be. And he can take credit for inspiring the Eric Church song “Springsteen,” which got two noms of its own, setting up a possible bizarre meta-performance in which Church performs “Springsteen” for Springsteen. Set your DVR! (See the full list of nominees here.)
Most importantly, though, he’ll accept the honor of MusiCares Person of the Year just prior to the Grammy broadcast — and a most deserving honor it is, we might add.
And before Bruce goes crying in his beer, he should also take solace in the fact that Rolling Stone named Wrecking Ball the best album of the year, because Jon Landau still has those incriminating photos of Jann Wenner.
In other Springsteen headlines:
  • In case you missed it: Australia!
  • I don’t just write here, you know — my piece for HuffPost UK asks, “Is Springsteen’s best work still ahead of him?
  • Ultimate Classic Rock is running a poll for the best song of the year, and if you don’t vote Springsteen might get beaten by Kiss. I’m just saying.
  • Springsteen is Uncut magazine’s Man of the Year. This was a fact that prompted no shortage of circumcision jokes from our Twitter followers.
  • The Onion uncovers Springsteen’s big New Jersey lie.
  • Paste names Springsteen the third best live act of 2012. THIRD?
  • HuffPo says Springsteen is among the over-50s aging most gracefully. If you can call crowd-surfing “graceful.”
  • Little Steven, who apparently does not require sleep, talks to the NYT about “Not Fade Away,” his cinematic collaboration with “Sopranos” creator David Chase.
  • Our own Anne Haines weighs in on Thanksgiving, family, Springsteen and ghosts.
  • Buzzfeed revisits The Year in Springsteen.
  • Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Carter, together again.
  • Finally, time is running out on the Backstreets Magazine “Photographers for Sandy Relief” contest — you only have until Dec. 10 to give if you want to be in the running to receive an exclusive Springsteen print, and help the struggling residents of New Jersey. Get out that checkbook!

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