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  • Mega Buzz: Secret Love on Bones, a Vampire Death and a Nashville Proposal

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  • Emily Deschanel, Paul Wesley, Connie Britton | Photo Credits: Patrick McElhenney/FOX; Annette Brown/The CW; Donn Jones/ABC
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    What's next for Cam on Bones now that we know about her relationship with Arastoo? - Elizabeth ADAM: There will still be a great deal of secrecy around the relationship. "Cam would like this to be a secret because it's slightly unprofessional to be having an affair with one of your underlings," creator Hart Hanson tells us. "She decides the fate of the interns even more than Brennan does. So it's an uncomfortable position for her, but she's managing to keep it compartmentalized." Or at least she is until it impacts her relationship with her daughter. "It has an effect on Michelle and that's the next story we tell," Hanson teases. "What secrets do you keep and for what reason?"
    Do you have any Vampire Diaries scoop to help heal my broken heart over the Stefan-Elena breakup? - Helen NATALIE: I don't think this is going to help...
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