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Blog: Bloomberg re-certified as Farm Bureau county manager
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DeAnne Bloomberg, FBCM, Rock Island County Farm Bureau Manager, has completed all requirements to continue her designation as a Farm Bureau Certified Manager (FBCM). She originally earned the FBCM designation in 1997.
The FBCM program which recognizes county managers for professional achievement and staff leadership was started in 1993 by the Illinois Farm Bureau. To receive the FBCM designation, county Farm Bureau managers must complete a series of six exams which assess expertise in various managerial areas. Recertification is granted every five years based on 40 hours of continuing education areas and professional staff leadership.
Bloomberg began her career with Illinois Farm Bureau in January of 1991. She served as Boone County Farm Bureau Manager from 1991-1993. She was named Henry County Farm Bureau Manager in March of 1993 and became Rock Island County Farm Bureau Manager in December of 1998.

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