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A Holiday Celebration...with Shamu and Friends!
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Nov. 21, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Sea World offers visitors a wonderful holiday experience with holiday themed shows, fabulous decorations and the Polar Express.
It is hard to decide where to begin on your trip through the land of Shamu, Clyde and Seymore ...but you will not want to miss "O Wondrous Night". This is a show that tells, as Sea World puts it, "the greatest story never told".
The show is very touching, yet light hearted. The Christmas Story "like it has never been told before"...through the eyes of the animals. Over 30 carols, live animals and angels...it will enhance your holiday spirit. All ages enjoy the living nativity that includes sheep, alpaca, zebu, goats, camels and white doves. When it is over it will be hard to get up out of your seat as you will want to continue the warm holiday feeling. It is 30 minutes in length.
Just walking around Shamu's home gives you the holiday spirit. The Christmas spirit does not end with "O Wondrous Night" as Shamu's home is lit up with lights and filled with the spirit of the holidays.
Something I found amazing...the sea of holiday trees. With more than 100 trees creating a sparkling forest. The trees are located in the lake, which adds to the holiday cheer as the lights bounce off the water. The trees dance, so to speak, as lights flash on and off in time with the holiday music classics. A great place to watch is the restaurant that sits on the lake. We grabbed a burger and sat down enjoying the tree show.
There is so much more to be seen through the holidays at Shamu's home. Stand by for more info to plan your holiday trip to Sea World.

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