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by Travis Akin
No Bieber fever for woman suing the pop star
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By Travis Akin
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July 27, 2012 12:01 a.m.

An Oregon woman is suing pop star Justin Bieber after supposedly suffering permanent hearing loss at a concert she attended two years ago.
The woman took her daughters to the concert and when the pop star climbed into a heart-shaped gondola and was pulled out over the crowd, he tried to get the crowd to get louder and louder. The woman claims the gondola acted as a sound conductor and the decibels exceeded safe levels. She is suing for $9.2 million.
I have never been to a Justin Bieber concert and I have no intention of ever going to one. But I would think the possibility of hearing the screams of teenage girls would be one that any intelligent person would be prepared to have to endure if they bought a ticket to a Justin Bieber concert. Yelling and screaming teenage girls pretty much make up the entirety of Bieberís fan base.
While I have not been to a Justin Bieber concert Ė I have been to many concerts in my lifetime. Concerts are loud. Many concert goers wear ear plugs to protect their hearing. Others do not. But as an adult, this woman ultimately is responsible for own actions. Going to a rock concert and complaining about the noise is like jumping into a swimming pool and complaining that it is wet.
The Bieber lawsuit is yet another example of how common sense and personal responsibility are slowly becoming extinct in our society.

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