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Michelle vs. Nicki...
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By Racquelle Nash
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April 5, 2012 12:01 a.m.

This morning I came across this pic from People's Style Watch site of actress Michelle Williams wearing the same black leather Valentino dress as Nicki Hilton. Honestly. I've always found both of these women extremely unfortunate looking (and that's me saying "ugly" the nice way), so it's hard for me to see who wore it better. But I think it's obvious that even the Hilton heiress rocked this frock. Williams looks like a 12-year-old boy in everything she wears... even if it is Valentino!
If I had the kind of fashion power that Valentino had, I would never let Michelle Williams wear any of my pieces. This past award season, Williams has made everything he's designed look terrible. Valentino should be dressing real women's bodies like Cameron Diaz or January Jones. If he's going to dress Williams then he mind as well put Matt Damon in a gown. But I digress!
Michelle didn't even choose the right pair of heels to wear with this piece. Why do stylists put women in nude heels? I know that it is supposed to elongate the leg but in my opinion, it winds up making women who aren't olive skinned toned or black look sickly and colorless. I would have liked to see the actress in a bright shoe like blue, red, or yellow at least. Nicki on the other hand looks sexy in this dress with her wavy blond hair down and I don't mind the bright clutch with the ugly shoes that don't match.
Oohh well. Another day, another style war... that's life.
Racquelle Nash-Snow
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