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Pink Hair... No Thank You
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By Racquelle Nash
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April 4, 2012 12:01 a.m.

You don't have to be a celebrity to try crazy hair colors from Katy Perry's rainbow locks to now Willow Smith's pink head of hair, (pic from Seventeen.com). But do you really want to try ridiculous hair colors?
At least we know Katy Perry is an adult and eccentric to begin with, but Willow Smith has to be, what... thirteen, if that? And she is already dying her hair stupid colors. She doesn't even look cute, I'm not a fan of celebs dying their whole heads a bright and unnatural color. I'm not just picking on Smith either. Even when Perry went all blue last spring at an award show, I wasn't a fan.
I may not be a hair dresser or a mother of a teenage girl but I never once asked my parents to try ugly hair colors. I have two teenage cousins who never once wanted to try a whacky color. In high school, I tried to go blond but being a natural brunette it came out red. Give me some credit, at least I didn't try blue,green, or pink. As someones who appreciates style, don't let me fool you, I definitely judge at times. And when I see people with pink hair walking around, I think one thing... starving for attention!
Racquelle Nash-Snow
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