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To a New Beginning
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By Racquelle Nash
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April 2, 2012 12:01 a.m.

As a writer, people are always trying to say what you wrote is theirs or steal your ideas before you can even write them down. As of today, my blog name, "Defining Style," was so-called "taken" and I was devastated... truly I was. I had that domain name and column title for years. But, when it expired yesterday... literally just yesterday... some new girl in town decided to steal it from right under my nose.
So I decided to become, "The Style Lioness!" Sure, it might sound corny at first, but in reality don't lions kick ass?! Oh ya they do! Fashion is just another jungle where women must fight for the latest fashion finds. And although my beloved website name might be taken, my love of style is still here and more fierce than ever.
I'm still all about defining what style means to you. But, now that I am a mom-to-be and still cautious of how much I spend on my clothes, I'm on the prowl for the latest budget friendly fashion trends. So it got me thinking (and crying)... my blog name is taken, I'm starting a new chapter in my life within a few short months, but I still want to write about fashion... it's who I am deep down. Behold... "The Style Lioness."
Racquelle Nash-Snow
To read more, visit and join www.thestylelioness.com

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